Love in Niagara

Coming from a humble lower income family in Manila, traveling and flying to places was never part of my wild imagination. But God knows the deepest desire of our hearts. It’s for us to dream big and to witness this vast and brawny falling of water from this place is indeed a milestone for me….

Land of Trudeau’s

One of the most boring topic one can talk about in my opinion is politics. But yeah, let’s leave Trudeau’s good looks and welcoming arms for the war refugees in CNN channel. After spending Christmas in Montreal, we decided to head and explore some other cities in Canada. First stop – Ottawa -Justin Trudeau’s hometown…

10 Random Facts About Me

Capturing precious moments is priceless and nothing makes me feel more fulfilled than going back to beautiful memories I captured myself. Now, it’s time for me to share these precious moments with you. But before anything else, let me share with you some pieces of facts about me. 


Whenever I see maple leaves and snow, there is only one thing that always pops on my mind – Canada. We had a chance to spend our holidays here with my sister and her family and explore some of its cities – Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto. All pictures and my coldest holiday experience will be…


Since I haven’t seen my sister for almost a decade, I finally decided to visit her and this time with her family in Montreal Canada – A part of Quebec Province where most people are speaking french. We came here after an agonizing 13.5 hrs direct flight via Qatar Airways from Doha to Montreal-Trudeau International…